Welcome to Ginny's Good Yarn where I offer support for people living with dementia and their carers, people enduring grief, and people living with mental health difficulties, through person-centred lifelong learning and therapeutic crafting. A yarn can be a textile thread with which we make something beautiful and it can be a story or narrative account. In the making, representation of meaning, telling of, and deep listening to these we can find healing and transformation.

My name is Hilary Wellington, and Ginny was my Grandmother. She taught me a love of textiles work, of Nature that inspires my own needlework and a love of listening to life stories. I have over 30 years' professional experience in health and social care, counselling and lifelong learning: working with people living with dementia, carers and bereaved people. So now I'm drawing these threads together by offering therapeutic lifelong learning, therapeutic textile items and teaching person centred therapeutic techniques for nursing, health and social care students and workers. All my work is strongly informed by person-centred values of warmth, empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard. I have taught in adult and further education and in universities, supporting Disabled people in all of these settings.

I work directly with clients, and in partnership with voluntary organisations, NHS and social services, private residential and nursing homes. I can help you enhance your professional CQC standards and compliance with the Care Act 2014 and its 2015-6 Care and Support Reforms. My work supports meaningful communication which leads to better understanding of behaviours and reduce conflict. 


Services I offer

  • Reminiscence Therapy                                                
  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
  • Life Review Therapy
  • Validation Therapy
  • Memory Box Curation
  • Creative textile workshops
  • Therapeutic textile resources
  • Training for care workers in Personhood, Reminiscence Therapy, Memory Box Curation and Life Review Therapy  
  • Visiting lectures and experiential seminars in the above topics for universities, further education and continuing professional development
  • iCARER training packages offering a two hour introduction to basic validation therapy principles

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My guarantee to all my clients

My work is underpinned by person-centred, non-judgemental and non-prescriptive values. I work in an anti-discriminatory, emancipatory ethic designed to support people in empowering and enabling themselves. Deep empathy and respect are at the core of who I am and how I will work with you. In other words I won't judge you or tell you what to do but I will support you. I will treat our work together as strictly confidential. The only exceptions to this would be if you were making a threat to your own or someone else's life, or disclosing danger to, or abuse of, a child or vulnerable adult. In such situations I would need to take action to ensure safety for anyone concerned.